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Graphic Designer for 5+ years. Marketing Specialist for 3+ years.

Graphic Designer, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Photo Editing, and so much more.

Image by Geronimo Giqueaux

I am a multi-disciplinary designer with a keen eye for clean and impactful design. I look for joy and brightness in my personal designs to emulate my personality into my creations. My personal design style changes frequently, but I always have kept true to my clean, purposeful, and impactful designs. I enjoy many graphic design styles and I love taking the time to learn new skills and design approaches. I believe doing personal design projects on the side always makes for the best designer. I don’t just do graphic design for work; I bring it home and I am always expanding my skills and design styles.

I always describe my work style and design ability as being a chameleon. Why? Because I truly believe that I have the special talent to mask my design skills to match whichever company or client I am working with. I have a background in working with some obscure industries and was successful in emulating their design needs and their existing brand identity and being able to effectively communicate their marketing goals. I can take an existing brand identity and elevate it or, if requested, can completely rebrand an existing company. I look for the modern approach to designs and can take an existing brand and make it into a whole lifestyle. 

The work on this website is a collection of some of my personal projects, past projects from my time at California State University, Fullerton, and work projects, both current and past. 

Image by Drew Beamer


Adobe Creative Suite  >  Photoshop | Illustratior | InDesign | XD

Microsoft Office  >  Word | Excel | Powerpoint

Multimedia Marketing  >  Digital | Print | Social Media

Web Development  >  Design | Layout | Concept | SEO | UX/UI

Personality  >  Detail-Oriented | Focused | Quality Control | Team          
                        Builder | Critical Thinker | Adaptable


California State University, Fullerton


work life


Digital Marketing Specialist & Quality Manager


ATG Electronics

Multimedia Marketing Specialist


Infiniti Pins

Graphic Designer & Social Media Intern


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Kendra Fitzgerald


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